The Redemption House Domestic Violence Shelter Project


The Crisis:

  • Tennessee has the 4th highest rate of domestic violence homicides in the U.S.
  • There were over 220 domestic violence homicides last year.
  • Nearly 10% of domestic violence homicides are committed by youth. 
  • Wilson County, TN is the fastest growing county in Tennessee
  • There are NO domestic violence shelters in Wilson County, TN. 

The Solution:

Cross Strength Ministries has committed to give 100% of all proceeds to building a domestic violence shelter and community response-center. 

  • To provide safety and security to victims of abuse
  • To provide resources and referrals to help our victims reach victory in their lives and the lives of their children. 
  • To provide counseling and case management services to the residents of the facility
  • To provide support groups, resources, and referrals to our community

In conjunction with our R3 domestic violence services and training program - and with 35 years of domestic abuse experience - we have already developed the following: 

  1. The Business plan and budget
  2. A training manual for staff and volunteers
  3. A community- based domestic violence class curriculum (and facilitator guide)
  4. A court-mandated domestic violence curriculum
  5. A group therapy and counseling curriculum
  6. Domestic Violence Victim workbooks
  7. "Victim to Victory" Daily Devotional for victims of abuse (written by Holly T. Ashley)
  8. Batterer Intervention Program and student workbook


The Needs:

  • Immediately we are looking for a structure of any kind where we can begin support groups, counseling, advocacy and be able to provide legal, educational, housing, and transportation referrals. 
  • Land to build a secure administration building and community resource center, with residential facilities attached. 
  • Residential or commercial structure that can be modified to include the above needs. 
  • And the financial resources to make it happen. We are looking for your financial support. 
  • Whether that be a one time only donation, property donation, or commit to a monthly donation, you can click here: $5/month can help make it happen.