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David Ashley along with contributing authors, Josh McDowell, Kenny Luck, and David Murrow - among others - have released 45 proven strategies for your ministry to men. 

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Abuse Recovery Biblical Study and Workbook


From Victim to Victory

 Written by Holly T. Ashley with David Ashley, this book defines domestic abuse and sexual assault, as well as the effect of abuse on the victim, children, and society from a biblical standpoint. 

From Victim to Victory provides the reader with an interactive, biblical workbook that will take them through the healing process as only the Holy Spirit can do - Through the "washing of the Word." 

Mrs. Ashley invites you to share in her own personal experience of Redemption, Restoration, and Recovery from childhood molestation, sexual assault, gang rape, domestic violence - and many years of living life as a victim.

From Victim to Victory defines and explores the effects of domestic abuse, sexual assault, the US judicial system, as well as the roadblocks that make it so difficult to leave - all from a Christ-centered, biblical viewpoint. 

This 270 page workbook is a deep dive into Scripture for the purpose of healing and is appropriate for both female and male victims of any form of abuse.  

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K - "This program has been such a blessing in a life filled with turmoil." 

C - "This program helped me to realize all the many factors involved in my depression and helped me find redemption in the healing grace of Christ." 

H- "I had never assessed my situation - or thought about why I did not want to leave - But by doing the danger assessment and following the guide to make a safety plan - and the Scriptures that supported my decision to leave - I realized that for the Spiritual and physical safety of myself and my children - we had to leave." 

T - "Hope.... There is always hope with Jesus." 

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