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  "True strength is found at the foot of the cross."

A 30 year veteran of the fitness industry, David Ashley is the epitome of health and wellness. A celebrity trainer of professional athletes as well as many of today's super stars. David is well known to television and radio, not only as an expert in fitness, but also hosting his own faith and fitness talk show show "The Pastor of Pump" on the Star Worldwide Networks with over 4 million listeners - world wide. 

But don't let those 22" biceps fool you - Among David's numerous fitness degrees and certifications, He also holds two Master's Degree's from Luther Rice Seminary in Apologetics and a Masters of Divinity - hence the name: "The Pastor of Pump."

David is married to long-time love, Holly T. Ashley - A former Miss Arizona, Model of the Year and 3rd runner up Miss America* who left David Ashley at the alter some 30 years ago only to find herself married and divorced 3 times before the age of 30 making her living as a Stripper. 

A chance meeting that only God could orchestrate - the couple picked up right where they left off. Their story, there mission, the ministry - its all about God's redemption. 
Physically, mentally, spiritually: "In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of his grace" (Eph. 1:7). 


Redemption, Restoration, and Recovery: (R3) Domestic Violence Services and Training

Domestic Violence Services and Training

 "For wicked men are found among my people, They lurk like fowlers lying in wait."  -Jer. 5:26 


  • Resources & Referrals
  • DV Classes
  • Counseling
  • Court Advocacy
  • Church/Ministry Consulting - program management
  • Service Provider Training
  • National Network of Christian Service Providers

David Ashley is The Pastor of Pump

Pastor Of Pump

 Living life in this world as the man that God has called you to be takes the same amount of discipline necessary to get healthy as does your body. Once one becomes tolerant to his (sinful) condition, “fat” increases followed by complacency and muscles that keep you strong decrease and the reality of atrophy sets in – inhibiting your usefulness in life… and in the Kingdom.

David knows the hard work and discipline that both Christ and his 21” biceps require: commitment, determination, hard work, pain, recovery, and perseverance.But it requires more than a mere gym (church) membership and the appearance of health…  You must be ALL IN.As a former football player and 30-year person trainer, he understands the identity crisis of one who gets caught up in the pride of life. David is dedicated to resolving the identity crisis of men of all ages.

David Ashley holds a Masters Degree in Apologetics as well as a Masters of Divinity.